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The more, the merrier. Bring your friends along and get group discounts on all your passes.

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Exclusive Fit Squad Offer

Squad of 5

Group of 5 purchasing the 3-month Fitato Pass together


Squad of 3

Group of 3 purchasing the 3-month Fitato Pass together


Squad of 2

Group of 2 purchasing the 3-month Fitato Pass together


  • Post the payment, you'll receive a confirmation call and email as soon as your payment is processed.
  • The email will have custom 100% off codes which your squad can use to activate their passes on their respective mobile apps.
  • The pass starts when the user enters the activation code on the app.
  • The Fitato pass will give each user who is part of the squad unlimited access to all the Fitato partner gyms & fitness studios across the city of Pune for a period of 3 months.

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Workout in over 300+ fitness studios & gyms across Pune with your squad through your single Fitato pass. Come, fall in love with fitness.

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Swim your way to Zumba via MMA and Yoga! Experiment each day with a new adventure and push your body to the limits with your Fitato Pass.

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